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Case Study 1: Jane

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Mental Illness in Youth Often Goes Undet

Case Study 1


Jane is currently 28 years old, and looks like any other young working adult, living a regular daily life, with a regular day job. Yet Jane struggles a lot and feels very distant from others most of the time, due to some unfortunate experiences she has suffered from when she was young. 

Jane suffers from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from repeated emotional, physical and sexual violence when she was 15-16. Her PTSD comes with psychotic symptoms, which makes her relationships with her loved ones very strained. With the isolation and general hopeless in the midst of a pandemic, her symptoms have taken over her life, and it is nearly impossible to maintain relations like she used to. 
Her Borderline personality disorder (BPD) also means that she has extreme black and white thinking patterns, which magnifies the psychotic symptoms and general feelings of isolation. When loved ones aren't willing to help her, whether through a simple task or one of her frequent panic attacks/flashbacks, suddenly it's "no one cares about me, they hate me, it's always been this way and always will be." 

Jane had to drop out of high school for her mental health issues. She had lost friends. She had put her family through the trauma of almost losing their child to the monster that her aloneness turned into. As hopeless as it has felt, it is still possible for Jane to find relief.

Do you feel the same way as Jane?

You may also be struggling, but you are not alone. Connection heals loneliness. Gratitude is connection. Love is connection. Reach out. Start your healing journey today by calling and talking to someone. 


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