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Expertise Offered

Divorce & Separation

When a marriage breaks down, children are commonly caught in the middle as parents battle in court and at home. As experienced psychologists in the family law domain, we have personally witnessed how timely and specialized advice from a neutral professional can facilitate healthy outcomes for all parties involved. Working with psychologists skilled in both the clinical and legal contexts of separation can ensure that you and your child stand the best chance of rebuilding a positive life post-separation.

We believe that divorce can be handled maturely and strive to come up with creative solutions for families in distress, so that couples can work towards a child-focused resolution. This might include:

  • Planning what to say to your child to prepare them for the change and transitions

  • Co-creating parenting plans that benefit all parties

  • Working with your child(ren) to minimize the impact of trauma and exposure to high conflict dynamics

  • Working with parents on effective co-parenting and developing a healthy post-divorce parenting relationship

  • Supporting each party individually through grief and loss of the marital relationship

  • Providing court-ordered reportable therapy

  • Family reintegration work for children who are estranged from their parents

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