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Inside Crime Scene S2 EP1 | The brutal murders of 8-year-old Huang Na and Goh Beng Choo

Two crimes - 24 years apart, two 8-year-old girls, each brutally murdered. Both cases have very different outcomes, one remains a cold case, with her murderer has yet to be caught and is among us.

Huang Na was smoldered by a man she called "uncle", was Goh Beng Choo also killed by someone she knew well? In two murder cases 24 years apart, the victims were the same 8-year-old girl. They were both brutally murdered. One of them is an unsolved cold case, the murderer has not yet been caught, and the perpetrator may not be a stranger. In the Huang Na case that has been closed, the girl who was killed was suffocated to death by a man she called "uncle". Could it be that the unsolved murder of the girl Wu Mingzhu was also committed by an acquaintance?

Listen to my professional inputs to the mysterious case of Goh Beng Choo's murder*


*You can see my interview at the following timestamps: (31:00, 35:00)


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